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On this page are documents that ramblers can read or download

Desperate for a Paper Programme?

Can't live without a hardcopy of the paper programme, then click here for peace of mind. Alternatively, click on walks as a list for a summary from this web site..

Other Items

Asian Hornet - Please see the attached information sheet relating to the Asian Hornet: Potential health impact through stings, although painful, Asian hornets are not considered especially aggressive. Care needs to be taken to avoid close proximity to nests which may be more problematic if nests are in or around buildings.

Rambling Tips - Ten best rambling tips for use in North Essex - click here

The Importance of Walking - All the good reasons for walking - click here

Giant Hogweed - How to protect yourself from being attacked by Giant Hogweed - click here on this Word document

Bull - How to proctect yourself from a bull - click here

Committee Stuff

 Expenses Form (Word)  Expenses Form 
 AGM Minuted for 2012  AGM Minutes 2012
 AGM Minutes for 2013  AGM Minutes 2013
 AGM Minutes for 2014  AGM Minutes 2014
 AGM Minutes for 2015  AGM Minutes 2015
 AGM Minutes for 2016  AGM Minutes 2016
 AGM Minutes for 2017  AGM Minutes 2017
 AGM Minutes for 2018  AGM Minutes 2018
 Essex Area AGMs  Essex Area AGMs 



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