Tendring Ramblers

Footpath Problems

Please report a footpath problem - Don’t wait for someone else to do it; please report it today. There is a simple procedure to follow on the Essex County Council (ECC) web site.

It is a huge help to ECC if walkers can correctly identify the path in question. The easiest way to do this is to look at the interactive map on the ECC website: 


The interactive map, example shown below, allows us to view a variety of highway asset and information across Essex. You can switch layers on and off, as well as pan and zoom. Once the map appears you select ‘assets’ and then select ‘public rights of way’.  When you have seen the path in which you are interested, click on it.  A pop-up box will appear with a number e.g. 130_24.  Ignore the first part, 130, as this is just the parish code for East Donyland. The path number is 24 and is to be used in reporting any undergrowth, blockage, re-instatement, signage, stile or bridge problem.

Footpath Map


Sunday, December 16, 2018