Tendring Ramblers

Walking Guidelines

Our programme is available to members of other RA Groups for £3 per year. If you would like a copy please get in touch with the Membership Secretary. If you are interested in joining our Group you can attend up to three "taster" walks.  

Walkers must follow the instructions of leaders when walking in lanes with approaching traffic. It is not always the rule to walk facing oncoming traffic, particularly if there is a sharp right-hand bend in the road. Note that the times given are the start of the walk. Allow ample time for parking, booting-up etc. so as not to keep others waiting. Please note that if you intend to join or leave the group at the lunch stop you should inform the leader of your intention. If in doubt about any aspect of a particular walk please telephone the walk leader.

Please make sure that you are fit enough to undertake the walk you intend to join. If you’re unsure of your fitness level, try a short and easy walk first, it’s much better to find a walk a little too slow and easy than to make yourself miserable and exhausted by going on a walk that is above you fitness level. Most although not all walks are off-road in rural areas.

Please have suitable footwear and clothing for a walk you intend to join and bring sufficient food and drink, even if the walk includes a pub or café stop. Leaders may refuse to accept participants who, in their opinion, are inadequately equipped or unfit. When in doubt contact the leader in advance.

Though walking is inherently one of the safest outdoor activities, no activity is completely without risk and it is your responsibility to behave sensibly and to minimise the potential for accidents to occur. In case of emergency, walkers who carry a mobile phone on a walk should list at least one ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact number. Ramblers' Association takes no responsibility for any loss or injury incurred during their activities.

It is advisable to take a packed lunch and sufficient liquid on all full day events. When there are pub stops, the leader will explain whether you are allowed to eat your own food on the premises. If you do use any of the pub’s facilities it is only right to buy drinks and on no account consume your own on the premises. Please keep to these principles so that we do not lose ‘rambler friendly’ pubs. When entering a pub or café please remove or cover up dirty boots so as not to leave mud on the floor.

Our Group encourages car sharing for which drivers appreciate it when a voluntary contribution is made by passengers. As a guide £3.00 to £4:00 per return journey per passenger is considered an amount which reasonably covers the costs incurred by the driver.

If you require further information on walks or any other matters relating to this web site please feel free to email us or if you prefer, telephone any of the contact numbers on the Contacts page. If you come across a footpath problem in the Tendring Area, please report it to Jeff Coe on 01255 862098 and the Highway Authority 01206 838639.

Sunday, December 16, 2018